Reformation Sunday 2016

Tomorrow is Reformation Sunday, 2016, the beginning of a year-long observance of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. It’s a special Sunday; children will be leading the first hymn and receiving bibles; the piano and organ will be blessed.

God’s Work, Our Hands Sept. 13th

On Sunday, September 13th, to honor God’s Word, Our Hands Sunday, Julie LaFontaine, Executive Director of the Open Door/Cape Ann Food Pantry will be speaking with us during worship. Many of you know Julie, and we have a long partnership with the food pantry. We are holding a food drive for the next few weeks, in addition to our usual collection of food, as part of our offering on that Sunday. If you want to know more about the Cape Ann Food Pantry, please check this link:

Welcome Bill Maki

Bill Maki, husband of Suzanne has accepted the position of Sexton for our church. Bill has been on the job for the last four weeks and already doing great things for us. He would like us to help him by using the Action Book on the lectern in the Undercroft. If you see something you think needs to be done, write it down, and he will check the book every week. Right now he is catching up and learning the ropes. Bill is a long-time native of Gloucester. All three of their children attended St. Paul Lutheran Church. We are delighted to welcome him!

Altar Care

There are holes in the Altar Care schedule and we are in need of volunteers. This is a perfect task for someone who would like to be involved in the service in a very special, but quiet way. Training is minimal and the schedule rotates monthly. It’s a two person job, and a nice way to get to know someone new. Please look for Heidi Hafey after the service if you are willing to lend a hand

Volunteers Needed

We are trying to establish the Altar Care schedule for the year. Many changes haver had to be made and We would like to get back on track. Please let Joanne know if you are able to help out. Those who are already scheduled, please confirm your availability also.  Thanks, Joanne.

Help The Homeless

The Action Emergency Homeless Shelter is accepting donations of deodorant, razors, feminine products, men’s sneakers and boots (larger sizes preferred), men’s jeans (larger sizes preferred), and socks.

A basket is in the Undercroft to accept these items and we will deliver them when we bring the lunches.